It is safe to say that you are into repurposing, upcycling, refashioning or generally not-discarding your old shirts? Have you destroyed, tied, twisted, beaded, vessel necked and altered a large portion of your garments despite everything you require more approaches to put your old shirts to utilize? You’re in luckiness! We have 7 cool activities with old shirts underneath that you haven’t seen previously.

1. Interlaced Belt

Interlaced T-Shirt Belt

Super charming for summer, this delicate and agreeable plaited belt utilizes one shirt and just requires insignificant sewing. In the event that you can sew a catch, you can make this belt. Calmly cool and easy, this shirt belt combines well with pants, and your most loved shirt (what else?).

2. Pooch Chew Toy

Pooch T-Shirt Chew Toy

In the event that you have a pup or a youthful puppy, you know they want to bite on anything they can sink their teeth into– to be specific YOUR shoes, YOUR garments and whatever else that is YOURS. Give Fluffy your old shirts after affectionately meshing and integrating them with a pooch bite toy. The delicate shirt texture will keep those sharp little young doggie teeth glad and sound, while keeping YOUR stuff in one piece.

3. Hero Cape

Shirt Superhero Cape

Children love taking on the appearance of superheroes. Art your most loved child a superhuman cape from a shirt! With several bits of Velcro and your shrewd super powers, you can throw together a cape speedier than a speeding projectile.

4. Stadium Cushion

Shirt Stadium Cushion

This DIY stadium pad guarantees that your most loved group will go undefeated. You won’t require a pad since you’ll be standing and cheering the entire time. Just in the event that the assurance doesn’t work out, you’ll have the capacity to assume the misfortune taking a seat with this upcycled stadium pad. This instructional exercise additionally works with old sweatshirts.

5. Diaper Cover

Shirt Diaper Cover

For further developed crafters, these DIY diaper covers require a touch of sewing aptitude yet the outcomes are soooo justified, despite all the trouble. Discuss a sweet infant shower blessing! Observe a portion of the mother-to-be’s most loved band shirts and whip this rockin’, unique present.

6. Scratch pad Cover

Shirt Notebook Cover

This DIY shirt scratch pad might be the coolest thing to hit the classroom since the 1980’s Trapper Keeper. All you require is an arrangement style journal, a touch of paste, scissors, a popsicle stick and a cool shirt! This current one’s too simple.

7. Bangle Bracelets

Shirt Bangle Bracelets

Alongside our old shirts, we as a whole have a couple (nay, many) bangle wrist trinkets that are past their prime. They might be chipped, discolored or generally unattractive. For what reason do we keep these, women? To repurpose, normally! Combine up these DIY bangle wrist trinkets and decorate, embellish, adorn!